Two Old Monsters Chapter 6

He kept wiping tears with his hands and sleeves, which made his face ache.

Fu Wangzhi stood at the door and leaned gently against the doorpost, silently watching his curled up crying back, watching his slightly trembling shoulders, and the pain of his heart spread to his whole body inch by inch.

After ten years of sunshine in the yard, they relied on each other for ten years, and finally relied on all their money.

They always have to eat to make a living. The two old monsters who have no way pick up the big bamboo basket with thick soil in the firewood room again and go to collect medicine with gray hair.

After taking a deep breath of the fresh air on the mountain, Xie Changan remembered the decades they had spent on the mountain in the past, and felt as if they were separated from each other.

Thinking of this, Xie Chang’an touched his hand and pinched the old meat from Fu Wangzhi’s lower abdomen. He couldn’t resist his hand and pinched Fu Wangzhi’s crotch. He joked, “can’t you do it?”

Fu Wangzhi especially wanted to say that he could do it. He immediately put up with the words on his lips and gently rubbed Xie Chang’an’s head.

The old medicine shop, which had been closed for decades, reopened. The two old men worked hard inside and outside, but their business was no worse than before.

Not long after Lao Zhang died, his wife followed him. Old friends of similar ages in the neighborhood drove cranes to the west one after another. Later, the children of those people began to grow old, and their grandchildren got married and had children.

Fu Wangzhi looked at Xie Changan in the pharmacy. He was too old and always smiled. He even suspected that the carp essence had cheated him. Didn’t he say he would lose his life?

Xie Changan didn’t think about it. Did he raise Fu Wangzhi’s body too well?

As time passed, they were 160 or 70 years old, twice the life span of ordinary people, and the funeral of the children in the neighborhood had been completed.

Xie Changan began to wonder again why Qu fuwangzhi lived so long, and could calculate money in the walkway and go up the mountain to collect medicine.

Today, Xie Chang’an really couldn’t understand and couldn’t hold his words. Finally, he asked Fu Wangzhi, “why aren’t you dead?”

Fu Wangzhi was speechless with his mouth open, and the house fell into a dead silence.

Until they lived to be two hundred years old, Fu Wangzhi felt something wrong. He secretly found an old friend and asked, “can ordinary people live to be two hundred years old?”

The old friend was shocked by the old look of Fu Wang, patted his heart, and then shook his head and said, “you can’t live.”

Fu Wangzhi pondered, “how can Xie Chang’an live to be 200 years old and still have the mind to make jokes with me.”

Old friends also began to contemplate this unnatural phenomenon.

They meditated for a long time, until it was getting late that day, and finally the onlookers were clearer. The old friend said, “he is not a man.”

“No.” Fu Wang first refuted subconsciously, then thought along the train of thought and stopped talking.

“You probe him.” The old friend said seriously.

“… how to probe?” Fu Wangzhi’s words are obviously skeptical.

“Shine a magic mirror.”

“I don’t want to do that to him.” Fu Wangzhi frowned.

“Then you can swallow this problem and act all your life.” The old friend smiled and joked. He looked at himself. His hair was dark and his figure was tall and straight. The old snake demon who was far more popular than him in those years was a group of old people. He thought it was good.

Fu Wangzhi thought over and over again and finally made a decision.

Xie Changan couldn’t afford to wait and began raising chickens again. He was squatting on the ground to feed the chickens this day. He just felt a strong light passing by. He subconsciously turned his head and didn’t care much.

Unaware that Fu Wangzhi had been pestling behind him for a long time.

Xie Chang’an stood up and saw Fu Wangzhi looking at him straight. It took a long time to slowly open his mouth. “Squatting for a long time, but it hurts?”

Xie Changan bent over and rubbed his old waist, and collapsed in the rocking chair “… The pain is tight, next time you feed.”

On the dinner table, Xie Changan smashed his mouth, drank a spoon of old chicken soup contentedly, and picked out a chicken leg.

Fu Wangzhi picked up his chopsticks and helped him clamp the chicken leg into the bowl. He couldn’t help asking “can you chew it?”

Xie Changan smelled the speech, put down his chopsticks, trembled and pointed to his lost teeth, and said with some pitiful strength, “I just taste it with my tongue…”

Fu Wangzhi nodded and said to him, “eat slowly.”

Xie Changan pinched in front of Fu Wangzhi for a long time and didn’t eat any meat, but he was greedy. Late at night, he secretly ran to the kitchen to eat the unfinished chicken leg.

Listen to Fu Wangzhi’s sudden opening, “greedy enough, little fox.”

Xie Chang’an was about to answer the question when he suddenly felt something wrong. He fell to the ground with a bowl and chicken legs. He suddenly turned around and looked at each other in surprise. He pinched his hands on the stove more and more tightly, and his joints were straight and white.

“Fu Wangzhi… What did you say?”

“… did you shine a magic mirror on me?!” Xie Changan thought and the strong light in the afternoon, then turned to his angry face, and his eyes stared back to the sharpness of that year.

On seeing him again, Fu Wangzhi was already dressed in an ink robe embroidered with Phnom Penh strong bamboo dark patterns, which was his first appearance. Xie Changan opened his mouth and was stunned. He wanted to ask where the old man Fu was hidden.

But he knew that this was Fu Wangzhi.

The imposing Fu looked at it.

Fu Wangzhi waited patiently for Xie Chang’an to speak first. Xie Chang’an’s red lips and white teeth opened and closed, and then opened again. It took a long time to say “what monster are you?”

“No old mountain spirit, no temple ink snake.”

Xie Chang’an clubbed in place. First, he tightened his lips and said nothing. After looking at Fu Wangzhi, he twisted his eyebrows and fell into thinking. After a long time, he asked again, “don’t you have to die?”

Fu Wangzhi nodded.

“But I even picked out the coffin for you.”

He gave Fu Wangzhi a stiff smile, pinched Xie Changan’s chin, but his fingertips greedily rubbed people’s tender cheeks, “how can there be a daughter-in-law like you?”

Xie Changan sipped his lips and said, “you can burn firewood after splitting.”

Fu Wangzhi suddenly recalled the firewood house on Bu Lao Mountain.

Xie Chang’an jumped up to Fu Wangzhi, grabbed his neck, raised his chin, pointed to the door and gave orders, “Fu Wangzhi, let’s go.”

“Where are you going?”

“What do you say?”

Can’t wait to go to bed, Xie Changan was pressed on the door panel and stripped his pants. His powerful and slender legs cling tightly to Fu Wangzhi’s waist. His neck is close to the door panel, and his eyelashes are drawn down to each other’s handsome face from top to bottom. His stiff nose, soft lips and unknown emotions itch into his heart inch by inch.

Fu Wangzhi skillfully explored his fingers and squeezed them into Xie Chang’an’s acupoints, pressing the long lost firmness and warmth. Xie Chang’an’s breathing suddenly became thick, his narrow fox eyes half narrowed, his ankles rubbed against Fu Wangzhi’s waist, and his lust was filled in his eyes like a bright light.

The sticky intestinal juice stained Fu Wangzhi’s hand. He pressed himself close to Xie Changan and joked, “there’s so much juice.”

Xie Chang’an put his hand into Fu Wangzhi’s ink hair, rubbed it twice, and said fiercely, “shut up!”

“I’m ashamed of not being fucked for years.” Fu Wangzhi’s fingernails suddenly scraped Xie Changan’s perineum. He saw Xie Changan’s narrow waist play imperceptibly, and his lower abdomen slowly

tighten up.

“Tail.” Fu Wangzhi buried his head, clenched his teeth and gnawed on Xie Chang’an’s shoulder, with his palm hovering at the bottom of his spine.

Xie Changan bares his sharp teeth and stares at Fu. He makes love when he has sex. What tail do you want.

Fu Wangzhi bent his fingers and knocked on the human tail vertebra, mixing strength again and again. An electric current excited Xie Chang’an’s tailbone, which made him numb. Suddenly he didn’t hold it, and slipped out a large hairy fox tail, which hung dangerously against the tip of the white tail.

Fu Wangzhi gathered up his fingers and palms and stroked them all the way up against Mao from the tip of his tail. He heard the groans of the other party.

Xie Changan’s legs were soft and could hardly buckle Fu Wangzhi’s waist. He raised his neck and pressed it against the door panel. His Adam’s apple tried to slide and absorb a lot of oxygen.

Fu Wangzhi stroked the root of his tail and pinched it hard at the root. Unexpectedly, he heard a long, sweet and greasy cry.

Without waiting for Xie Chang’an to open his mouth, Fu Wangzhi’s back muscles bulged, clamped the person’s narrow waist, suddenly drove straight with full strength, and the iron like rigid sex instrument directly hit the deepest part, causing Xie Chang’an’s back shoulder to hit the door panel, making a loud and dull sound.

With the force of the door panel, Fu Wangzhi tightly imprisoned Xie Changan, retreated most of the way, and pushed in crazily and coldly again to resist death in the depths of the acupoints.

“Er ah… Shit, ha ah…” Xie Changan let out a long, dissolute groan, bent his five fingers and grabbed Fu Wangzhi’s back. His fingertips pulled into his body and printed a deep and distinctive red seal.

The violent collision like the storm scattered Xie Changan’s sight and shattered his thoughts. Except for the surging pleasure, there was no other thought. The strong waist trembled violently, the sweat wet the broken hair between the forehead, and his arms wrapped around Fu Wangzhi’s neck, which was so tight that people couldn’t breathe.

Xie Chang’an’s intestines tightly wrapped Fu Wangzhi like spasms, and the powerful contraction again and again made Fu Wangzhi completely irrational. He bit and rubbed the red ear tips of people, clamped tightly and hit his waist rapidly. For a long time, accompanied by the convulsions of acupoints and Xie Changan’s wild screams and groans, Fu Wangzhi roared in a low voice, and three or four hot liquid wolves shot into the deepest place.

Xie Changan’s dry lips trembled faintly, and his inner thigh muscles were so tired that he couldn’t hold them and slipped down. He was caught by one of Fu Wang.

“Hold the semen tightly for a lifetime?”

“Then you didn’t shoot enough.” Xie Changan bared his teeth and shook Fu Wangzhi’s eyes with a provocative smile, just as in the past.


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