Why Do the MPs Look at Me Like That Chapter 202

[why does this pose look so weird?]

[the camera should only shoot the first half. The second half is really funny. Pei Xu is too high.]

[ha ha ha ha, it looks really funny! I don’t know what effect it will have.]

Guo Bing shouted, “ready, three, two, one.”

Then Zhai Xingchen looked like those people in the video, looked left and right, and said, “who doesn’t have a little cute in his arms.”

Then he unzipped his coat and Pei Xu got out of it.

As a result, Pei Xu laughed as soon as he looked up.

That’s weird.

Not only did they feel a little strange, but others also felt a little strange. Pei Xu’s temperament doesn’t match this action.

“Change stars, change stars.” Guo Bing said.

Some passages are suitable for the opposite, while others are not.

“Starshot must be sweet.” Qiao Siyan said.

The two changed the order and Zhai Xingchen fell into Pei’s arms.

Sure enough, this feeling is right.

He lies down in Pei Xu’s arms. Pei Xu zips up and Zhai Xingchen sticks it to Pei Xu’s abdominal muscles under his dark coat.

The faint smell of mint haunted him.

Very clean aroma.

“Pull the lens up a little and don’t shoot Zhai Xingchen, otherwise our lens looks really strange and will be pinched and broadcast?” He heard Guo Bing say.

Everyone laughed, and Pei Xu also smiled. His abdominal muscles were obviously tightened, and the vibration of his laughter could be vaguely heard across his skin.

This feeling

Is that what Pei Xu felt in his arms just now?

He took a long breath. As soon as the heat came out, Pei Xu immediately stretched out his hand and pressed him.

Zhai Xingchen smiled.

No one sees it now anyway.

He suddenly had a bad idea and blew again.

Then he obviously felt that Pei Xu’s beach pants had changed.

Now he was pushed back and held Pei Xu’s T-shirt in his hand.

Then he heard Guo Bing shout, “ready, three, two, one.”

Pei Xu opened the zipper, and he looked up with a red face.

Pei Xu’s bright smile suddenly made him feel dizzy.

He smiled shyly.


[sure enough, I knew he was right to shoot this!]

[the smile is so sweet.]

“I’m going to turn into something strange.” Witting stamped her foot.

Zhao Tian said, “if you can’t learn, you can’t learn.”

He can’t make it so sweet.

It all depends on talent, doesn’t it?

One by one.

Then they filmed several couple clips. The barrage was in full swing, and the guests were also in full swing. In the end, everyone was very tired.

It got dark early because of the rain. In order to give them time to rest, Guo Bing separated their four groups of guests and broadcast them live in turn. When filming Zhao Tian and Fang Qing, Guo Bing turns around and finds Pei Xu and Zhai Xingchen missing.

“Where are the rising sun and stars?” He asked.

“They just went out.” The staff said.

“Out?” Guo Bing went to the door and looked out. He saw Zhai Xingchen and Pei Xu standing on the beach with an umbrella. The umbrella deliberately tilted a little and covered their faces.

I can’t see what they’re doing.

“It’s like kissing.” A staff member whispered.

They were far away and it was raining. In fact, they couldn’t see clearly. Guo Bing saw that the umbrella tilted downward and shook twice.

I don’t know whether it’s the wind or the kiss is too fierce.

Guo Bing smiled and shook his head.

It’s just a few days, really.

Pei Xu and Zhai Xingchen came back ten minutes before the live broadcast. At this time, the advertisement is being broadcast, and Fang Qing is almost ready for dinner.

“It smells good.” Zhai Xingchen said.

“Sticky rice pumpkin paste.” Fang Qing said.

Zhao Tian asked, “why did you two go?”

“Take a walk.” Zhai Xingchen said, “it’s windy outside. It’s… Big.”

He has a big tongue.

The tongue is a little out of order.

When Zhao Tian saw that there was water on his legs, he asked, “isn’t it cold?”

“Wearing a coat.” Zhai Xingchen said and took off his coat.

Pei Xu took a towel and Zhai Xingchen wrapped his legs.

After a while, Weiting and the two of them changed their clothes and came over. As soon as she came over, Wei Ting said, “you two were too romantic just now.”

Zhai Xingchen knew that Guo Bing had taken a video of them on the beach and sent it to the official wechat.

In the video, Pei Xu is walking back hand in hand. In the gray sky, dark sea, white waves and light yellow beach, they come out in the misty rain.

What an idol play

They are really romantic when they shoot casually

[isn’t this more worth broadcasting than a small game? Walking in the rain is worth broadcasting!]

[small games are mainly sweet, but they are really earthy!]

[I also think that compared with this video, walking in the rain is not too romantic!]

It’s almost six o’clock, and it’s time for everyone to get off work and go to school. It’s prime time in the evening. The number of live viewers has been rising. The program team broadcast a short piece they shot in the afternoon. The most enthusiastic response is the challenge.

That action really looks amazing and imaginative.

At dinner in the evening, Guo Bing told them where they were going next.

Tomorrow is a sunny day. They are going to the Grand Canyon to play rafting, and there will be mysterious guests coming.

“Mysterious guest, who?”

Guo Bing smiled and said, “some of you are friends.”

“Is it a star?” Asked joss.

“Big star.” Guo Bing said. “Big star…” Weiting suddenly opened her mouth: “it can’t be…”

She looked at Pei Xu.

“Sister Pei?” Qiao Siyan asked in surprise.

Pei Xu said, “it shouldn’t be.”

Guo Bing said, “you’ll know early tomorrow morning.”

They had their meal in room 4, because it had just rained and it was a little cold outside. After dinner, the other groups of guests went back early. Pei Xu and Zhai Xingchen cleaned up, and today’s live broadcast ends with them.

After the live broadcast, Zhai Xingchen asked Pei Xu, “do you think it’s possible for someone we know to come?”

“I guess it’s Hu Ying.” Pei Xu said. Zhai Xingchen looked at him: “why?”

“Didn’t director Guo say he was a big star?”

Also, Hu Ying has a star model. The so-called big star may not refer to identity, but temperament.

Zhai Xingchen made a video to Hu Ying. Hu Ying answered quickly, but didn’t show her face: “aren’t you live?”

“Next broadcast.” Zhai Xingchen said.

Hu Ying just showed her head.

“What are you afraid of so beautiful?” Zhai Xingchen said.

Hu Ying said, “why did you suddenly call me a video?”

“Are you coming to our program tomorrow?”

He vaguely heard his voice and asked, “are you watching our program?”

Hu Ying said, “I’m supporting your new variety show with practical actions!”

Zhai Xingchen smiled and asked, “are you coming to our program tomorrow?

Hu Ying: “who said that?”

“That seems to be coming.”

Hu Ying: “I’m a surprise!”

Zhai Xingchen: “then I’ll pretend I don’t know tomorrow. Look at my acting skills.”

Hu Ying saw Pei Xu: “Hello, brother Pei.”

Pei Xu came up and said, “do you come alone or with others?”

“I don’t know if there is anyone else. Anyway, I only know that I will go. There should be no red and blue guests. Anyway, Huo and they certainly won’t go. I asked at the last dinner. Yan Zhi and Duan don’t know.”

“They shouldn’t come.” Pei Xu said.

“I think so.” Hu Ying asked, “will you stop shooting after the next broadcast? The cameras are off?”

“I’m going to bed.” Zhai Xingchen said.

“Wow.” Hu Ying called.

“Wow what?” Zhai Xingchen asked.

“That’s quite exciting.” Hu Ying said.

Zhai Xingchen said, “we are very honest!”

Hu Ying laughed: “that’s OK. Don’t be so honest. It doesn’t mean that the cameras are turned off. There are cameras on the bed, but they’re not turned on. It’s also very exciting.”

“Hang up, hang up, hang up.” Zhai Xingchen’s face was hot.

He and Pei Xu are already very dangerous tonight. They can’t stand Hu Ying adding oil and fire.

“See you tomorrow.” Hu Ying said.

“See you tomorrow. Bye.”

After Zhai Xingchen hung up the video, his face was slightly hot. He turned his head and looked at Pei Xu. He saw that Pei Xu had returned his short pants.

“Didn’t director Guo say he would come later?” Zhai Xingchen asked.

Pei Xu put on his beach pants and said, “breathe.”

Zhai Xingchen blushed.

Because of recording programs, he wears thin clothes in summer. In order to prevent indecent scenes, Pei Xu usually wears two layers inside.

It’s in neutral now.

Zhai Xingchen pursed his lips, stretched out his legs and brushed his mobile phone.

Guo Bing never came. He waited a little long. He shook his leg and looked at Pei Xu again.

Pei Xu lay down and said, “I’m really tired today.”

Zhai Xingchen smiled at the speech.

“And you?” Pei Xu asked.

Zhai Xingchen said, “I’m fine.”

Pei Xu didn’t speak, smiled, looked up at the indoor camera, then stood up and checked it carefully.

Zhai Xingchen’s heart pounded when he saw him check the camera. He pursed his lips and slid his fingers on his mobile phone. When he heard Guo Bing’s voice, he stood up.

Guo Bing came in with a drink: “coffee or milk tea?”

“Milk tea.” Zhai Xingchen said.

Guo Bing gave him a cup of milk tea.

Seeing that Guo Bing had to give Pei Xu, Zhai Xingchen hurriedly said, “he doesn’t drink milk tea.”

“Very disciplined.” Guo Bing opened a cup of hot coffee.

“Coffee at night?” Pei Xu asked.

“I have to work overtime at night.” Guo Bing said.

He asked Pei Xu and Zhai Xingchen to sit down and talk about the general process of tomorrow. Tomorrow is Weiting’s birthday. The program team set some small surprises in the process of tomorrow’s play, which needs the cooperation of other guests.

“Are there any other flying guests besides Hu Ying tomorrow?” Zhai Xingchen asked.

“How did you know Hu Ying was coming?” Guo Bing turned to look at him.

“You don’t see who we are.” Zhai Xingchen said.

Guo Bing said with a smile, “and Wennuo.”

Zhai Xingchen looked very happy when he heard that Wennuo was coming.

“Play it for me tomorrow. Pretend you don’t know.” Guo Bing said when he went out.

“Then you have to tell Pei Xu that I have no problem with my acting skills.” Zhai Xingchen said with a smile.

“What other acting skills does his face need? A little control can’t see happiness, anger, sadness and joy.” Guo Bing said.

After Guo Bing left, Zhai Xingchen went to take a bath.

When the hot water was flushed, the whole person trembled.

He pursed his lips and washed them carefully.

Intellectually speaking, although the cameras are turned off, it’s embarrassing to be accidentally discovered by others during the recording of the program.

But emotionally, he felt something should happen tonight.

Maybe, gentle?

He came out after taking a bath and found something on the head of the bed.

Zhai Xingchen burned up at once.

Pei Xu went in to take a bath. He put on his pajamas, lay down honestly and turned out.

After about ten minutes, Pei Xu came out.

Today, the temperature is relatively low, and the air conditioner doesn’t need to be turned on. Pei Xu opened his thin quilt and lay in it. There was no movement for a long time.

Zhai Xingchen lay on his side with his fingers on the corner of the pillow.

The two men were so silent for a while. Pei Xu got up and went out again. After a while, he came back, pulled the door and curtains, and turned off the headlights in the bedroom. Then Pei Xu turned over and leaned over: “the waves were like that during the day, and now he’s counselled again.”

Zhai Xingchen turned over and directly hugged his waist and threw it into his arms.

Pei Xu was surprised and then asked gently, “I thought I couldn’t hold it first. What’s the matter? Teacher Zhai began to eat marrow and know the taste?”

Zhai Xingchen rushed up directly.

The more shy you are, the more fierce you have to show, as if you can hide your shame.

But he is tough and weak. He is a paper tiger. He broke it with a poke.


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