Why Do the MPs Look at Me Like That Chapter 203

There are many kinds of love in this world.

Some love is like a fierce fire, which can burn people to death, make people live and die.

Some love is like a slow stew over a low fire. It takes time to simmer into a pot of fragrant soup with a long aftertaste.

Pei Xu’s love is sometimes like a fierce fire, sometimes like a small fire willing to take time to stew slowly.

Fire is warm, but gentle love can reach the deepest part of the heart.

Zhai Xingchen thought that he was completely accepted by Pei Xu.

It’s a feeling of love.

Hu Ying has wanted to be on the “happy life between us” for a long time. He knew it when Guo Bing began to prepare for the variety show.

It’s a pity that he has no object and can’t go to this kind of husband and wife variety show. It’s not reliable to talk about an object temporarily, so he aimed at the identity of flying guest before the program started.

In the red and blue signal, he failed to pursue love, but his career soared. Now he doesn’t care about men, but only his career.

Career is the label that his queen deserves!

Now the popularity of “red and blue signal” has gone down, and the development of his company has also entered a slow period, which urgently needs a new exposure opportunity.

For him, “us” is obviously the best choice.

Besides, Pei Xu and Zhai Xingchen, the pair of red and blue CP, came out on the program. His participation in this program is good not only for him, Zhai Xingchen and Pei Xu, but also for the program group.

Full of topics.

Since he’s going to, he’s going to impress the whole audience!

He only recorded the flight guest for one day and one night, but he still prepared six sets of clothes.

As soon as the sun came out in the morning, the car stopped him in the resort. The program team gave him a map and asked him to find Zhai Xingchen and them by himself.

Hu Ying was wearing a red flowered shirt and dark glasses with colored frames. As soon as she appeared, the screen was full of bullets.

[Hu Damei!]

[wow, Hu Ying, long time no see!]

[as soon as Hu Ying comes out, red and blue memories fill up!]

[he really hasn’t changed at all. He’s still so beautiful.]

[with such an exaggerated shape, only Hu Ying can hold.]

[is there anyone more suitable than Hu Ying to appear in the summer variety show? He is the walking summer flower.]

Hu Ying walked forward with her luggage while looking at the map.

The resort is too big. It’s winding around. He’s going to get lost.

It was so hot early in the morning that he was sweating.

Hu Ying took off her sunglasses and took a look at the rising sun.

“Hu Ying?”

He suddenly heard a familiar subwoofer.

Hu Ying looked back and saw Pei Xu.

Pei Xu was wearing a black T-shirt and was sweating all over.

“Brother Pei!”

Pei Xu asked, “Why are you here?”

“The program team only gave me a map and let me find it myself. The houses here are so similar. Where can I find it? You run in the morning again?”

Pei Xu’s hair was wet. “Well,” he said, and took his luggage: “come with me.”

Hu Ying glanced at Pei Xu’s wet back and asked, “where are the stars?”

“He may not be up yet.” Pei Xu said.

“So sleepy.”

“You came early.” Pei Xu said.

“Director Guo said that you already know I’m coming. You can only come earlier and catch you by surprise.” Hu Ying then looked back at the camera and said, “is this something you can say?”

“Wino didn’t come?” Pei Xu asked.

“Is winnow coming, too?” Hu Ying pushed his glasses onto his forehead: “he didn’t tell me! This little Wennuo, I asked him if he would come last time, and he said no! Even I had to hide it!”

“He is timid. He must listen to Guo.” Pei Xu said.

“That’s true.” Hu Ying said, taking a few quick steps and turning to look at the surrounding environment: “there are great changes here. I’ve been here for two years and haven’t been developed here.”

He followed Pei Xu to room 4. Hu Ying opened the door and walked inside, obviously to surprise Zhai Xingchen.

“Wait a minute.” Pei Xu stopped him and said, “he may not be up yet.”

“I’ll scare him.” Hu Ying turned back to the camera and said, “don’t follow in.”

He’s very considerate.

As a result, Pei Xu said, “wait a minute. I’ll go and have a look first.”

Pei Xu put down his suitcase and went into the bedroom. After entering, he closed the door.

[what can’t we see!]

[it was broadcast live when I got up yesterday, but it can’t be broadcast today?]

As soon as the barrage began to howl, the live picture was cut into the bedroom.

The curtains in the bedroom are so tight that the light in the room is dim. Although the video is bright, the definition is very poor. It is still black and white.

Pei Xu went to the head of the bed, knelt on one leg, leaned over and said, “get up.”

Zhai Xingchen turned over and opened his eyes vaguely: “what time is it?”

Zhai Xingchen’s voice of soft waxy milk came, and the barrage was howling.

Good milk

[my favorite and warmest picture of getting up!]

[suddenly found that fuzziness has the advantage of fuzziness. The atmosphere is private and secret!]

[I feel like I’m peeping, shy and easy to understand by the program team!]

What Pei Xu said again, they couldn’t hear clearly.

The sound was too low for Mai to receive.

I can’t see what Pei Xu is doing.

It seems to be fastening Zhai Xingchen.

[help him fasten the button?]

[button? It’s so imaginative.]

[is it sleeping with open arms? The picture is so beautiful that I can’t think about it. I’m afraid Pei dog will hit me.]

Pei Xu is really buttoning Zhai Xingchen.

He buttoned his pajamas one by one. Probably last night, his tenderness was still there. Zhai Xingchen narrowed his eyes, bleary eyed and full of love. He grabbed his hand and smiled quietly all the time.

Pei Ying said with a smile, “come on, Hu Xu.”

Zhai Xingchen sat up with an excited spirit.

“Here comes Hu Ying?” Zhai Xingchen asked.

Then he heard Hu Ying standing at the door of the bedroom and secretly pushing a crack: “yes, I’m coming. I’m stopped outside by your boyfriend!”

Zhai Xingchen immediately picked up his pajamas and looked up to find that Pei Xu was still sweating.

“Are you running again?”

Pei Xu said, “jogged for a while.”

Zhai Xingchen believed that Pei Xu was restrained and restrained last night and “had no strength”.

“Get up and wash first.” Pei Xu said.

“Don’t you wash?”

“You wash first. Don’t let Hu Ying wait.”

Pei Xu said and came out of the bedroom. By the way, he went to the front of the indoor camera and asked the program team, “it’s off. I’m going to get up.”

Guo Bing held his arm and motioned to the staff: “cut the living room.”

When the live picture turned to the living room, I vaguely saw half of Hu Ying’s ass.

Pei Xu went out and closed the door. Hu Ying guessed something and smiled vaguely at Pei Xu.

“Have you had breakfast?” Pei Xu asked him.

“Not yet,” said Hu Ying

“I’ll buy breakfast.”

Hu Ying asked, “do you want to buy your own breakfast? Let me go with you.”

He followed Pei Xu out of room 4 and turned around nearby. Unlike before, Hu Ying has been talking. Pei Xu’s attitude is much more enthusiastic than that of red and blue, and he answers all questions.

[the atmosphere between them has also changed. I still remember the red and blue meeting. Every time they are in the same frame, the atmosphere is so embarrassing.] [thinking of their travel date, it vividly explains what it means to drive a duck up a tree.]

[he used to be a rival in love, but now he is a friend. Naturally, he talks more.]

[Hu Ying really put it down. I thought he was very suitable to be a good sister with Zhai Xingchen!]

[Hu Ying is really suitable to be a friend. She is generous and enthusiastic. Although she is sometimes stupid, she is kind-hearted.]

After buying breakfast, Hu Ying and Pei Xu returned to room 4 together, and Zhai Xingchen also got up.

Pei Xu went to take a bath. Zhai Xingchen and Hu Ying had breakfast together.

At this time, they both went there to relax.

“Why do you look at me like that?” Zhai Xingchen said while drinking bean juice.

“You look good, white and red.” Hu Ying said, “it’s very moist.”

Zhai Xingchen’s face was slightly red. Without talking, Hu Ying chuckled.

Zhai Xingchen kicked his foot.

But his face is redder.

It’s said that he really enjoyed it yesterday.

For the first time, there was no feeling of out of control, fear and madness, but a little more slowly penetrating, and each pore should be opened comfortably and thoroughly.

Stay in your head. You can’t think anymore.

Pei Xu came out of the bedroom after taking a shower and sat next to him wrapped in mint fragrance.

He turned his head and looked at Pei Xu. Pei Xu, who had just taken a bath, was slightly hot, calm and noble.

This is a completely different Pei Xu. In the eyes of the public, Pei Xu will not stick to others, will not talk to him in love, will not deceive others, and will not do bad things.

Pei Xu wore black trousers, a black T-shirt and a black watch, but his exposed skin was very white and smooth. He matched black and white to give a high sense.

When they had finished their breakfast, wino didn’t arrive.

After dinner, the nine of them went to the Grand Canyon by car. “We should have another guest?” Zhao Tian said.

“There must be another one. We have to get hu Ying right.” Wei Ting said.

Hu Ying said, “just me? Which one of you lent me the object for a day.” “Then go find brother Pei.” Zhao Tian said.

“Brother Pei, meet Hu Ying’s wishes.” Wei Ting said.

“Fortunately, brother Pei is atmospheric and won’t be provoked by you.” Hu Ying said and lay down on Zhai Xingchen: “Xingchen and I are now…”

Before he finished, Pei Xu stretched out his hand and dialed it back.

Everyone laughed.

Wherever Hu Ying goes, the atmosphere can be activated immediately.

When they arrived at the drifting place, the sun had risen very high. Hu Ying took out two bottles of Sunscreen Spray from his bag and gave Zhai Xing Chen a bottle: “let Pei brother spray it for you.”

Weiting, who was spraying sunscreen next to her, immediately turned her head and said, “you really watched our program.”

Hu Ying sprayed wildly into her face, shook her head and said, “I said I was a loyal audience!”

Lu Ming looked back and said to Qiao Siyan, “Hu Ying is really beautiful.”

Men and women are beautiful. They can’t argue with each other. They didn’t lose to Zhai Xingchen.

Zhai Xingchen sprayed Pei Xu too. Pei Xu said, “you don’t like black skin.”

“Tease you, white is more handsome.” Zhai Xingchen said and sprayed peixu’s neck again.

When they arrived at the drifting reception center, they saw a staff member wearing a mask sitting at the window and said, “please come and fill in a form.”

Eight of them went to fill in the form. After they had filled it out, everyone began to wear life jackets.

Zhai Xingchen looked around and said, “haven’t Wennuo come yet?”

It’s supposed to be this time.

“Take a closer look.” Pei Xu said with a smile.

Zhai Xingchen listened to him and immediately looked around. Finally, he fixed his eyes on the staff member just now and immediately walked towards him.

This time he recognized wino at once.


Hu Ying immediately turned around when they heard the speech. They saw Wennuo take off his mask with a smile and said, “you just recognize me now. I don’t know what to do. I just looked at director Guo and thought whether I should take the initiative to take off my mask.”

“Little winnow!!” Hu Ying immediately ran over: “I asked if you would come, and you lied to me!”

“Director Guo won’t let me say.” Vino, to be honest.

The three of them hugged each other, and the old friends met with a particularly warm look.

“How did you recognize me?” Wennuo asked Zhai Xingchen.

Zhai Xingchen said, “it’s not me, it’s Pei Xu. He recognized it long ago and didn’t say it.”


[you don’t have to think about the reunion of red, blue and Bamei. It’s impossible in the short term. You can look forward to it when Zhai Xingchen and Pei Xu get married.]

[I really hope they can all be friends. I hope to see their eight reunions as soon as possible in my lifetime!]

Look forward to it. I’m going back to review the red and blue

I was so moved and sad to see them appear together

Me too

There is no feast that never ends. They will disappear on the screen one day. No matter how good the story is, it will end. But I hope that when we can’t see it, they can all have their own happiness and become lifelong friends

[this reminds me of what Lin Qingning said before. They are memories that I will never forget in my life. A dream trip in my youth.]

In pairs of ten, they began to drift PK.

In addition to speed, they also fight water battles with their water guns.

Screams and laughter mingled, and the orange red life jacket fainted in the dazzling summer sun. As the two people with the greatest strength, Pei Xu and Zhai Xingchen rowed to the end first. It was a vast water area. The drifting boat was spinning on the lake. Before it stopped, Zhai Xingchen excitedly threw away the oars in his hand and raised his hands to cheer.

He and Pei Xu were soaked and their hair was dripping. He turned back and hugged Pei Xu.

“It’s so cold.” He exclaimed.

When they stick together, the clothes stick to the body.

He was excited. He simply stood up and untied his life jacket.

Pei Xu stabilized the boat and looked at him with a smile.

Zhai Xingchen looked at him one by one, jumped into the green lake, swam around like a white fish, and then drilled out of the water.

He looked up at Pei Xu and tooted his mouth.

Pei Xu said: “so excited.”

After that, he leaned up and kissed Zhai Xingchen’s lips. As soon as he kissed, he was hugged by Zhai Xingchen around his neck. The boat shook and Pei Xu fell down.

Both of them are good at water. Zhai Xingchen smiled a few times, but he was hugged by Pei Xu. He dived into the water and kissed him warmly under the green lake.

The sun came in from above, and their bodies stretched and floated in the water, then melted together and came out of the water.

When they came out, they heard the screams of Wennuo and Hu Ying. Their pairs of drifting boats slid down from the torrent and collided on the lake. Zhai Xingchen and Pei Xu turned around and looked at them with a smile.

The sun shone on their wet young faces, and their bright eyes were like sunlight and water.


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    I feel so sad, I think is not too much ??
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    The sweet story i have a read ??

    Only one sentence that I can mention.

    This is truly the sweetest novel I have ever read.

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    Liu qingning, I was worried for her for a while. however no, no annoying cannon fodder plot twists, he really is a really good friend and big brother.

    Our cute Wunnong, a pitiful baby who grew up well in the end. I really liked how he and Qingning ended up being brothers who depended on each other

    Hu Ying, our most beautiful boy. he always makes me laugh with his bright and sometimes sad character, he is still the most fun until the end ?☺

    Huocheng, our dashing elder brother. To be honest, some of the parts I cried were all part of Huo’s brother ??? Nice way he released Zhai was really gentle ??

    To be honest, I’m really sad for Yan Zhi. To be honest, from the start I chose Pei Xu even before the Shura mines started, but among all the characters, it’s clear that Yan Zhi has the greatest chance of rocking. He is really cold and wants to make us his mother ??

    and the two characters I love the most. Our most beautiful and bright star zhai and our handsome and extraordinary Pei xu. I really never found a cuter CP than them ??? it’s really a minefield full of dog food ??. DAMN, THEY ARE REALLY SWEET ???
    I can never move on from them.

    anyone who wants to be happy and smile, I really recommend this story.

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