Woke Up and Heard I Was Married Chapter 135

Shao Si didn’t say it was OK. Gu Yanzhou bit harder and harder.


“Are you drunk or not? Pretend and let go.”

Shao Si wanted to turn around, but the man behind him held his waist tightly. He not only didn’t let go, but also reached up along his clothes.

Gu Yanzhou closed his eyes and said, “I’m drunk.”

oh Drunk.

Believe you, there’s a ghost.

The more you say “I’m not drunk”, the more you’re really drunk. Although shaosi doesn’t drink much, he still has this basic common sense.

In the past, when he needed to socialize, Li Guangzong always stopped him from drinking until he was drunk. Once he didn’t walk askew, held the wall out and shouted, “I’m not drunk – I can still drink – come on, President Wang, let’s do it!”

“…” Shao Si took a deep breath. “You’ve seen anyone who’s drunk say he’s drunk.”

Gu Yanzhou shamelessly said, “I am.”

Shao Si has a bad temper. If he disagrees, he will fight. Of course, most of the time, he is bluffing and bluffing.

He took Gu Yanzhou’s collar in one hand and said a few cruel words. Gu Yanzhou half opened his eyes, let him make trouble, and finally touched his head: “don’t make trouble, be good, my head is a little dizzy.”

He was really drunk just now, but his consciousness recovered faster.

All the way down the stairs with Shao Si, the underground garage was cold again, and there was a burst of air conditioning. I woke up almost.

At this time, there was an inaudible “click” sound from a corner not far away. The sound was particularly subtle, but the feeling of being peeped was too strong. They both have occupational diseases and are particularly sensitive to this.

Gu Yanzhou’s eyes were dim, and Shao Si also noticed it. Just when he wanted to speak, Gu Yanzhou stretched out a finger against his lips: “shh.”

Hold still and see what the man is trying to do.

The dark lens was hidden 15 meters away. A reporter wearing a cap hid behind the SUV, bent over, adjusted the focus and kept pressing the shutter.

Big news, this is big news.

The movie king’s husband broke up in a fight!

Being made by a lot of things before, Gu Yanzhou subconsciously thought more and thought it was another pervert. He sighed with relief: “… Paparazzi.”

Shao Si glanced in the direction of the off-road vehicle. The reporter was quite skilled. Seeing that he might be exposed, he turned around and ran at a very fast speed. He slipped away, pushed open the side door of the safety passage and ran out.

Gu Yanzhou raised his hand and rubbed the center of his eyebrows. His other hand crossed shaosi and opened the door: “no matter, let him go and get in the car.”

It may be that the man’s posture is too big. Shaosi misunderstood: “you take the co pilot and drive when you’re like this.”

After Gu Yanzhou opened the door, he gave him a hand, slightly bent over and made a “please” gesture: “I opened the door for you and bit me back. Sit in.”

Paparazzi not only slip fast, but also make up and distribute the whole manuscript quickly.

Early the next morning, rumors of a disagreement between Shao Si and Gu Yanzhou made a lot of noise.

Li Guangzong: “Dad, did you wake up? Explain to me. What happened between you and Gu Yingdi last night? Why did they fight?”

Of course, Shao Si didn’t wake up. He was about to say, ‘are you tired of living early in the morning?’ when he heard the second half of the sentence, he dozed off: “what’s fighting?”

After seeing the photos of the two of you in the garage, Gu Xiaodi said, “when the two of you broke up, Gu Xiaodi secretly pulled them out of the garage. Well, after seeing the photos of the two of you in the garage, Gu Xiaodi said,” well, you broke up. ”

Shao Si scratched his hair. It didn’t matter: “I didn’t get married. I didn’t get married. People who know where I came from can always know. These people have nothing to do and have an egg.”

“…” hearing this tone, Li Guangzong knew he was right. It must be a misunderstanding, “Oh… That’s…”

Then it’s okay.

Before he had finished speaking, the next second a familiar voice came from the phone. The voice was low and dumb: “huh? Who?”

The sound is too provocative.

Li Guangzong, an outsider, felt his ears burned.

Shao Si showed him the mobile phone screen, and the word “ah Zai” hung brightly on it.

Gu Yanzhou took the mobile phone and didn’t have to guess what happened: “the picture?”

Li Guangzong: “yes, you’re so predictable. You guessed right before I said anything.”

Gu Yanzhou: “OK, this flattery is a little too much.”

Li Guangzong: ”

Gu Yanzhou said casually, “last night, I was playing with your father Shao. The paparazzi photographed it blindly. This stupid thing runs faster than the rabbit and is too lazy to chase him. That’s it. Tell Chen Yang later and let him not bother.”

“No clarification?” Li Guangzong was a little surprised, “now it’s spread…”

Gu Yanzhou directly interrupted: “clarify a loser, are you really in a hurry to play with people?”

Li Guangzong was speechless: “… Huh?”

“They are like this, endless and useless clarification. What they want is not the truth.” Gu Yanzhou said, “breaking up is interesting.”

When he and Shao Si didn’t like each other at first, the strength of forcibly organizing their CP is now used to dismantle CP.

——When to break up and when to have emotional problems, this topic is always the focus of the media.

It was so noisy when I came out that it was fun not to become a talent.

“When they feel bored, they will naturally disperse.” Gu Yanzhou said, looked back at Shao Si and found that the man’s eyes were narrowed and he looked very sleepy, so he pinched his face and said to Li Guangzong, “I won’t tell you, your Shao father is sleepy.”

Listening to the busy tone in his mobile phone, Li Guangzong sent a message to Chen Yang: the morning of a single dog starts with a large bowl of dog food.


The rumor of breaking up has been played for a while. The two parties really didn’t talk to each other if they didn’t talk to each other. In addition, they have taken annual leave recently and their mobile phones are turned off all day. It doesn’t matter how rumors are spread outside.

Instead, Li Guangzong looked at the fans with horror. First, they were brought to the rhythm and made trouble for a few days. Fortunately, they are not stupid. After their reason came back, they were surprised: wait, is this really not flirting?

According to the state of interaction between Shao Si and Gu Yanzhou on Weibo, it is entirely possible that they get along in private.

——Turn the light on and look carefully. Gu Yingdi’s hand is clearly rubbing Shao dad’s hair. Where did you pull your hair. I think you’re just kidding. Gu Yingdi is not a shrew.

——Shao’s father didn’t wave his fist. It’s fried hair at most. It’s just a little fuss. It’s scattered. There’s no melon to eat.

——I never thought that the glass residue in my mouth turned into dog food.

the Chinese new year’s eve.

Gu Yanzhou got up early in the morning and picked up his clothes: “is it too boring for people to wear black for the new year?”

Shao Si sat cross legged on the bed and looked at him: “it’s a little. In this way, how festive if you don’t have a Sao red.”

“You’re not nervous at all.”

Gu Yanzhou took someone home for the new year for the first time. Although he returned to his home, he felt a sense of urgency.

This ancestor is too important to him. Reason is useless and he can’t deal with it easily.

Shao Si pie his mouth: “I’m nervous. Why do you think I can wake up at six in the morning and still sit here with you and watch you change your clothes?”

Apart from his work, he had never seen the sun at six o’clock in the morning when he was so old.

Gu Yanzhou put down his clothes and went over to rub his face with beard residue: “don’t worry, my grandfather turns his elbow out. I’m the one who should be nervous.”

Gu Feng was still chatting with Gu Yanzhou last night: “it’s him? It’s settled? Don’t say brother didn’t remind you. Take it home to Grandpa. He’ll be the first to break your leg and don’t want to enter the house again in his life.”

Gu Yanzhou said, “if you can talk, you can change people.”

He doesn’t think decades are too short. How can he be willing to change.

Grandpa Gu is a reasonable man. He always says that he only recognizes one person in his life and asks them to think about it and bring someone to show him.

When grandma Gu left early, he didn’t marry again. When he thought of her, he took the picture frame and sat in the sun to wipe it. Sometimes he went to sleep.

The Gu family is an old house with simple decoration and a certain age. It is antique. It is also a famous family with big business, so people who just come to give gifts will soon break through the threshold after the new year.

Gu Yanzhou led Shao Si into the door, gave the gift to the housekeeper, and then ran directly to the inner room.

Grandpa Gu didn’t see outsiders. He had already made tea and waited for them. The three sat down and talked. The old man’s family was really kind.

Shao Si didn’t know what to say. He picked up the tea and drank it. When he put it down, he said, “he often mentioned you to me.”

Grandpa Gu: “Oh? What do you say about me?”

Shao Si said, “you spent some time in the countryside when you were young.”


When they met their elders and went out of the door, Gu Yanzhou said with a smile, “I’ve convinced you. You can talk about pigs for half an hour. You two just open a pig farm together.”

Shao Si said in his heart: just because of the sentence you mentioned casually, I turned over the pig raising guide twice and could recite it. I can’t read it in vain.

“Where are you going?” Shaosi was stuffed into the car and asked.

Gu Yanzhou fastened his seat belt for him, and then fastened his own: “there are a lot of people in the family. Those who have business contacts come to pay New Year’s greetings. It is estimated that it will be quiet in the evening. I’ll show you around here first.”

“Before I went to college, I lived here. The grocery store over there used to be a basketball court. When I was in high school, I liked to play ball games here. I played ball games with those grandsons from the vocational school next door. They came to our school to pick fights. They gambled. If they lost, they knelt down and kowtowed three heads. Then they met and walked around.”

Gu Yanzhou drove slowly along the street. When he came to a familiar place, he stopped to introduce him: “I used to mix with a group of friends, such as racing, fighting and drinking. Fighting is usually in that alley. See, it’s a dead end. It’s very convenient to block people and fight.”

Shao Si thought it was very interesting and said, “cow force, I was very social when I was young, brother Zhou.”

He then thought about what he was doing in high school.

After thinking for a long time, he finally touched his nose and said, “I can only introduce you where I sleep in high school. The roof of the teaching building, the roof of the self-study room… I sleep in class.”


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