Woke Up and Heard I Was Married Chapter 136

They swayed to the gate of the school where Gu Yanzhou studied in high school.

Gu Yanzhou parked the car on the roadside: “go down and have a look? Later, you come back and put on your scarf first. I wanted to ask early this morning, do you have a cold?”

Shao Si put the scarf around his neck at will, and then repeatedly adjusted it against the interior rearview mirror until it was adjusted to highlight his handsome appearance. He raised his hand and dialed: “well, my throat hurts a little. I’ll be fine in two days.”

He seldom catches a cold and is dizzy for two days every time. He has small problems and is nothing. He had a high fever when he was on the crew and had to continue filming. Although he has a big temper sometimes, he is really not so delicate.

Gu Yanzhou explored one hand and touched the temperature. After comparing it, he found that the temperature was really normal. He went back to stew him a rock sugar Sydney and said, “at first, I thought you were — forget it.”

Shao Si asked, “why?”

Gu Yanzhou: “it’s dumb to call the bed.”


Without a word, shaosi pushed the door open and got out of the car.

Liyang No. 2 middle school is an ordinary high school.

The floor area is not large, and the surrounding facilities are not perfect. Several shops have been opened at intervals, barely forming a snack street.

As Gu Yanzhou said just now, there is a vocational school not far from Liyang No. 2 middle school.

The two schools are fairly close.

Shao Si remembered that Gu Yanzhou and he were university alumni. He always thought that this person’s high school study was also the key point, because Gu Yanzhou had the first two scores in the art examination and culture when he entered the school, which was so high that he broke the school record.

“I didn’t study hard until I was a sophomore in senior high school. I used to mess around,” Gu Yanzhou explained. “I failed the middle school entrance exam. I almost didn’t pass the exam. I came here with my tail pressed.”

It’s easy to say, but I feel a little flat.

I spent half the time less than others and got such a high score.

During the Spring Festival, the school was empty and the doors were closed. There was no sign of the gatekeeper.

“How do I get in?” Shao Si followed Gu Yanzhou. The place they walked was overgrown with weeds and the route was very tricky. However, if you carefully identify it, you can see that a “road” has been stepped out in the middle. It seems that people often walk from here, which is a hidden entrance.

Gu Yanzhou walked in front, reached out to remove the obstacles, and a wall appeared in front of Shao Si.

Someone took a knife and engraved many words on the wall, such as “so and so to visit here” and “XXX I like you”.

What a youth.

Gu Yanzhou lifted his sleeve and showed half his wrist as he spoke. It didn’t look like he was joking: “over the wall.”

Shao Si: ”

Gu Yanzhou also bent over to look at the words on the wall and explained: “this wall is shorter. It’s better to turn it over. I usually turn it in here for fear of being caught late. I thought it must have been demolished here. I didn’t expect that this tradition has continued to this day over the years.”

Shao Si: “no monitoring?”

Gu Yanzhou: “it’s useless. Install one and smash another.”

Shao Si was amazed.

Very good.

It doesn’t take much effort to turn in. Shao Si’s pants are a little tight today, and the range of action should not be too large. He was sitting on the wall with his legs hanging. He hesitated how to jump. Gu Yanzhou had opened his arms to him below: “don’t be afraid, jump down and I’ll follow.”

Shao Si raised his foot and wanted to kick it: “who is afraid of a hair? Don’t talk nonsense. Don’t stand in the way and step back.”

“OK, OK,” Gu Yanzhou retreated and said, “then slow down.”

They bent over and walked out of the corner. They found a building at random. When they went in, they found that the classrooms were locked one by one. Looking through the clear glass window, the desks and chairs were placed neatly.

“These floors are senior two, with a total of 16 classes.”

High school schoolwork is heavy and there are many subjects to be tested, so almost everyone’s desk belly and desk top are full of books, piled neatly. I have to continue my study after the beginning of the next semester of the new year.

Shao Si stopped outside and looked around. He saw an empty table at the back of the class. He looked at it very conspicuous – because other people had books on their desks, and their desks were very clean with nothing. There were even two boxes of disassembled cigarettes and a lighter in the belly of the table on the right. And a crumpled paper ball.

He looked up: Class 3, grade 2, senior high school.

“Which class were you in before?”

Gu Yanzhou stretched out his hand and pointed to the front: “class 8, go along the corridor and turn another corner.”

Gu Yanzhou doesn’t know why. Obviously, he is not young for a long time. In his thirties, he still leads people to do such a green and childish thing. But when he reacted, he had climbed over the wall into the classroom and sat in his original position, with Shao Si sitting next to him.

“Your school can’t do that. Even if you keep a wall that can be turned over at any time, the doors and windows of the classroom can’t be locked.” Shao Si was lying on the desk with one hand on his head, flipping through the textbooks left in the belly of the desk, “history of high school, speaking of liberal arts or science, which was your primary choice?”

“Science, but in fact, liberal arts is also OK. They are the same. Anyway, I have a high IQ.”

Shao Si sneered: “you’re narcissistic.”

“I also chose science at that time, but it wasn’t because I was good at it. In our grade, there was a very pretentious’ great talent ‘, who was like a scholar who came through, arrogant and with eyes on his head. If he got higher than him, he could write a three page paper and secretly hand it to you. What’s the whole article… In terms of talent, I don’t necessarily lose to you, talent is beyond measure. If I can’t stand him, I’d better die in the same class as him.”

Shao si still has a headache at the thought of those three pages.

At that time, he wrote back a line of words: fart, don’t fart at me.

The talented man cried angrily. Later, the talented man wrote a poem against him for a few days and published it in the school journal, accounting for more than half of the page of the school journal.


They rarely talked about the past of their school days, which made Gu Yanzhou very funny. He raised his hand and rubbed shaosi’s hair top: “if your brother Zhou is here, let him disappear every minute.”

Shao Si: “society, society, can’t afford it. If I met someone like you at that time, I would let you disappear every minute.”

After chatting for a while, I don’t know who calmed down first, looked at each other and stopped talking.

Gu Yanzhou slowly approached him, leaning slightly forward, with one hand covered with Shao Si’s, and his two hands folded together.

Shao Si closed his eyes. The next second, Gu Yanzhou’s kiss fell on his lips.

Shao Si suddenly remembered that an idea flashed through his mind. He didn’t intend to study it carefully. He casually mentioned: “have you ever been in love?”

Gu Yanzhou: ”

I was worried that I couldn’t find a good answer for a while. Suddenly, there was a sound of footsteps from the entrance of the stairs. It sounds like two people, walking leisurely upstairs.

The security guard thought he was on patrol.

After all, their identities are sensitive and it’s not good to be seen. Gu Yanzhou is thinking about finding a place to hide, but the two people began to talk.

“Hey, do you think it’s not interesting for me to pull you in during the Chinese new year?”

“OK, I think you have a brain problem.”

“… you have a copy of that copy.”

“But I’m not the one who filled the table after copying and forgot to throw it.”


Two students.

As they talked, they walked in the opposite direction, and the footsteps grew farther and farther away.

The two returned to school at this time point with such a purpose, which can be said to be very legendary.

Shao Si locked the window that hadn’t been closed just now, pushed the door open and went out: “someone is coming. I’m afraid of bumping into it. I’m leaving.”

Gu Yanzhou looked at the time, and it was indeed time for dinner. He remembered that the man didn’t eat much breakfast. Now he must be hungry. He wanted to go back for dinner and paralyze at home with him in the afternoon.

They avoided the two students and went down the other stairs.

After getting on the bus, Gu Yanzhou fastened his seat belt, turned his head and took the initiative to turn the topic back: “frankly, I had puppy love, but it was not love. At that time, falling in love was angry with my family. I was young and didn’t understand why I couldn’t be gay. I had done a lot of bastards and hurt a lot of people.”

Shao Si tilted his head and looked at it. He almost forgot to ask this question a few minutes ago.

“I’m not that good. I can’t change things in the past. But I only love you and the future is you.”

Gu Yanzhou said it too seriously. Shao Si stared at him for two seconds and felt his face burned. Only then did he react that the scarf had been around his neck.

Back at Gu’s house, the group of guests moved to the hotel to eat and drink. Gu doesn’t like to hold banquets. The consistent style is to go back and forth.

As soon as Shao Si entered, a female doll in a pink cotton padded jacket rushed out.

Gu Sheng is dressed like a zongzi today. His clothing style is also very classical. His cuffs are set with an edge. When he sees people, he shouts, “happy new year, where’s my red envelope.”


Gu Sheng had a thin sweat on the tip of his nose and ran out to call people. When he met Gu Yanzhou, he didn’t shout red envelopes anymore. Instead, he secretly took shaosi’s hand and dragged him aside.

Shao Si didn’t know what she was going to do, but Gu Sheng said, “hands!”

Shao Li held out his hand and was stuffed with candy.

There are many kinds of nougat, plum candy and white rabbit milk candy.

Gu Sheng was still a little reluctant. He covered his pocket and felt distressed for a while, but said, “it’s delicious. I’ll give it to you.”

I haven’t eaten it yet. I already feel sweet.

Shao Si laughed in front of her for the first time, rubbed her little head and said impolitely, “thank you. Happy new year.”

He was born well, but he was too cold. Now Gu Sheng was stunned when he smiled.


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