Woke Up and Heard I Was Married Chapter 137

Li Guangzong gained more than ten kilograms at home during the new year, and his chin became more and more proud, like a Maitreya Buddha.

He is easy to get fat and grow as much as he eats, but he has a heavy work, runs around with things, and gets up early and gets up late. On the set, too, you can sweat in winter when you are busy. Shao Si doesn’t like to be surrounded by many people. He seldom takes bodyguards when he goes out. He is both an agent and an assistant.

So as soon as he got home, the family pinched his arm painfully: “look at your thin… How much weight have you lost? Ouch, how many kilograms of meat have you lost? I remember you were 180 kilograms last time you came back. Why are you so thin.”

Li Guangzong smiled and shook his arm. Compared with ordinary people, he still had a circle of meat: “busy work, busy work.”

“Brother!” Li Yaozu came out of his study and hugged people when he saw them. “You’re back!”

“Finished your homework the second mock exam is not bad.”

“It’s like your father’s gift. Take it back to your brother’s room. It’s smaller than your father’s.”

Li Yaozu stretched out his hand to him: “I’ll see later. Where’s the signature I want.”

Li Guangzong was stunned: “what signature?”

Li Yaozu: “Shao Si! My male god!”


Li Guangzong thought that he really forgot this stubble. His silly brother is shaosi brain powder.

At first, I was OK. I didn’t have a deep impression of this person. I thought he was very handsome. Later, I heard that his brother brought this artist and began to pay silent attention. This attention turned pink.

Li Guangzong patted him on the head, but he didn’t have a good way: “you can’t powder him, powder him – your taste should be improved. Do you know what he pees in private? Now young people, don’t hang the word” Idol “on their lips. Many people only show one aspect. This is an uncle. You powder him, you have to provide him.”

Li Yaozu: “I know, but a qualified fan won’t take off the powder easily. And don’t you think he’s cool.”

“…” Li Guangzong said, “I didn’t save you.”

Naturally, there was no signature, but in the name of blessing, Li Guangzong opened a video with Shao Si and chatted for a few minutes.

Shao Si is lying on the rocking chair, squinting in the sun. When he sees the remark name, he directly picks it up and sends the first person: “don’t talk about work.”

“Don’t talk about work, of course not.” Li Guangzong said as he pushed his brother’s head to the side so that he wouldn’t get too close into the mirror, although the master didn’t care at all, “happy new year, Dad!”

Shao Si: “Tongle.”

When he finished, he opened his eyes and saw the man in the video. He was startled: “… Why are you so fat?”

Li Guangzong didn’t care. Instead, he was proud to be afraid of patting his small belly: “eat well, drink well, sleep well, great or not“

“Great. I’m going to be a pig.”

“Ha ha, thank you for the red envelope you gave me. It’s too expensive. I can change my car.” Li Guangzong said cheerfully, “when I celebrate the new year with Alipay, they ask you that you are still short of brokers.”

Shao Si said casually, “please change the car quickly. Your car is really broken. Besides, there is no shortage of people. Being blind once is enough. There will be no second time.”

Li Guangzong didn’t say a word, but Shao Si saw several more heads in the video.

Men and women, old and young, seven aunts and eight aunts. They were head to head, whispering, with a local accent.

Li Guangzong tried to hold his mobile phone to avoid them, tiptoed and looked funny: “what are you doing – stop it, stop it, go up.”

They have known for a long time that the artists of their Guangzong band are big stars, but they have never met. In order to avoid trouble, Li Guangzong seldom mentioned shaosi with them. In addition to Li Yaozu’s brain powder, in order to wake him up, I will tell him about the wonderful things Shao Si usually does, such as the level of mobile game.

Simply speaking, Shao Si was very polite in front of outsiders. He gave enough face to the agents and greeted them one by one, which flattered them.

After chatting for a while, Li Ma approached and asked a question she had always wanted to ask: “do we Guangzong… Have anyone?”

“As far as I know, not yet. I’ll keep an eye on him for you and let you know as soon as I have any news.” “Shao Si is too busy in love, so I should pay attention to it.”

Mama Li: “OK, OK.”

Li Guangzong jumped: “what’s good! Mom! What are you talking about!”

The excitement dissipated after everyone saw it. Just before hanging up the video, Li Guangzong suffered from another occupational disease. He couldn’t help reminding him of an important trip after the new year: “that award ceremony – you have two shortlisted works. I feel that the movie king may fall on you this year.”

“Award ceremony?”

Shao Si pinched the bridge of his nose and said: “… I’ll forget if you don’t say it.”

Years later, the 53rd Golden Dragon Award will be held immediately.

The gold content of the Golden Dragon Award in the mainland film and television industry is quite large. It can be said that it represents the highest level of the whole industry. Winning the award at the award ceremony is the goal of everyone.

The greatest glory of an actor is to be recognized for his acting skills. Even if they are forced to accept a lot of dog blood commercial dramas, they will basically ensure that there is a final play every year, a play that can participate in the nomination of awards.

Shao Si was shortlisted for two works this year. Li Guangzong thought that among the two works, the probability of winning the prize of “latent” is higher.

When “lurking” was released, the box office broke records.

With profound intention and novel shooting methods, the film has been built into a work of art with the efforts of all staff.

But when Li Guangzong thought again, he also hung.

Shao Si’s seniority is not deep. He won the film emperor once last year and won it again this year. It’s too much publicity.

Someone must be unhappy.

“Last rehearsal -”

“Host, tidy up your skirt.”

“The tone of the line just now can be more lively. Start with ‘welcome all guests’ and repeat it again.”

The stage was covered with a layer of red carpet, bright red and shaking eyes. The light came down straightly, which made the two hosts look nervous. These two are newcomers. They feel very stressed because of the frequent mistakes in rehearsal.

The hostess took the microphone and adjusted her facial expression. She has a beautiful face and a slender figure. Wearing a red dress on her body, she highlights her good figure. She clears her throat and is ready to start over again: “cough.”

It was even more chaotic under the stage than on the stage. The staff were busy labeling the seats and adjusting the layout of the venue.

The time is urgent. In half an hour, the invited guests will walk on the red carpet.

And the whole process is broadcast live on TV and online. There is no chance of editing and modification, so there can be no mistakes in each link later.

In the nanny car, Lisa is repeatedly examining the suit she matched Shao Si today: “make sure you’re gorgeous and cool and handsome. Wait a minute, turn your face to the side… I’ll add the shadow on the bridge of your nose.”

Shao Si was at the mercy of the stylist. He only cooperated when looking in the mirror and raised his hand to cut the broken hair in front of his forehead.

Li Guangzong lowered his head and fiddled with his mobile phone. After a while, he raised his head and asked, “Dad, brother Zhou asked me if I wanted your picture and said I missed you. Did you take it yourself or did I do it for you? And he asked why you didn’t reply to him.”

Shao Sitou also didn’t lift his head: “what’s the shot? I’ll see it later – I haven’t finished this game yet. Don’t bother first, good.”

Every time this person says “good”, he is particularly perfunctory.

But it makes people helpless to him.

Li Guangzong is too lazy to find an angle. Anyway, this man is against the sky and basically has no dead corner. I took two photos at random and sent them to him with a line of words: Gu Yingdi, you may be out of breath with him. He plays games very well.

Gu Yanzhou didn’t reply.

A few minutes later, shaosi said in the back seat, “fuck.”

Li Guangzong: “what’s the matter?”

Shao Si: “Gu Yanzhou is so idle? Is he not responsible for the award? I almost won his mother, and you played me from behind.”


“Add blood to me after cutting. Several meanings.”

Shao Si said and went to wechat to find someone.

Li Guangzong touched his nose: “maybe he wants to prove that he hasn’t been angry.”

After Lisa finished her work, she applied a layer of Lip Glaze to herself. When she tightened the bottle cap, she said strangely, “Wow, how’s this year? Are you sure to win the second consecutive term?”

After shaosi vented his anger, Gu Yanzhou coaxed him for several words. He didn’t return, and directly threw his mobile phone aside: “I don’t know. I’m too lazy to think.”

Stars gathered on the red carpet, and a large number of media were stopped outside by a row of isolation belts, so they had to stretch their cameras desperately.

When walking on the red carpet, artists are divided into groups. Most of them are male partners with female partners, who appear together with the directors and stars of the shortlisted crew.

The off-site host stood by the signature wall with a smile on his face: “flying clouds has also won the nomination for best film this time. Even after half a year, the soul stirring love story still seems to be in my mind… Liu Qi, as a new generation of female artist, is emerging and performing admirably.”

Each group of artists will receive a short interview after they finish shooting on the red carpet and sign their names.

The host handed over the microphone and asked her, “what do you think? Is there a play?”

Liu Qi smiled: “the most important thing is to participate. I’m just a newcomer. I’m very happy to participate.”

The host pressed, “do you have a candidate in mind, or do you have an opponent who makes you feel particularly stressed?”

Liu Qi has a crooked head. During this period, she has also grown a lot. She took a lot of plays and slowly sharpened her acting skills. She can deal with this scene easily and freely: “there is no pressure. I look forward to every elder. There are too many candidates.”

of course. Only one is expected.

He is the best.

Liu Qi’s words were not finished. There was a sensation at the door. The media order was still good. Suddenly, she was as crazy and agitated, and tried to squeeze sideways to the door.

I saw a black car slowly stopping at the entrance of the red carpet. Gu Yanzhou opened the door and stepped out with a foot first.

Everyone held their breath and looked up – Gu Yanzhou was dressed in a long black dress with a dark red shirt inside, and the whole shape was dark. His hair was not long, and the strands in front of his forehead were combed back, so his facial features became the focus. Bold and eye-catching. Apart from the appearance, the momentum is also quite strong. Just standing there without talking has attracted everyone’s attention.

Gu Yanzhou didn’t go forward after getting off the bus. He raised his wrist and looked at the time as if he was waiting for someone.

Although the red carpet is outdoors, it is not inferior to the indoor layout at all. The red carpet leading to the entrance is covered with flowers and petals. Even the isolation belt blocking reporters is made very exquisite, with luxurious and delicate lines on the top.

Not until more than a minute later did another car drive in from the entrance.

There was another uproar in the media.

Not to mention Gu Yanzhou came forward to help the man open the door.

“Oh -” the host could not help exclaiming.

They walked one after another from the other end of the red carpet. Shao Si walked slowly and lazily. Gu Yanzhou slowed down and waited for him.

Gu Yanzhou waited for a while, stretched his right hand back, and didn’t return his head: “Sir, you’re too slow.”

Shao Si clapped his hand away, didn’t want to hold it, and was immediately held by him.

Gu Yanzhou had long fingers and distinct joints. He grabbed him and took him forward.

In the impression, shaosi seldom wears red clothes.

Today, he wore a red coat. The warm red formed a strong contrast with his coldness. The contrast was to the extreme, and it melted into an inexplicable harmony.

Since the two of them appeared, the shutter in the hands of media reporters was almost broken, and flash lamps came and went one after another.

Gu Yanzhou handed the marker to Shao Si. After the two signed their names, they went to the host. For a moment, the host didn’t know what to ask them. The atmosphere was a little subtle.

Relying on the ability to respond, the host finally said, “well… Time flies. It seems that it hasn’t been long since you took the film emperor last year. Don’t you know whether our Shao father is sure this time?”

Shao Si didn’t care about the award and said bluntly, “love who.”

Moderator: ”


I can’t talk.

After hearing this, Gu Yanzhou raised an arm around his back, put his palm behind Shao Si’s head and patted it gently: “… The joke is too much. Look, it scares people. Answer it well.”

Gu Yanzhou’s ability to warm up the field was unique, and the atmosphere was hot again.

The host asked a few more questions before letting them in.

When all the artists took their seats, the sky outside gradually darkened and the whole venue gradually fell into darkness. We talked and laughed with each other in the dark. At the official beginning of the award ceremony, with the music, all the artists suddenly lit up dense lights above their heads, around them and in all places within their reach, like stars in the sky.

Then, two strong lights hit the center of the stage and fell on the two hosts.

Calm down.

Gu Yanzhou didn’t sit on the seat for long after entering the venue. He has always been the award guest invited by major award ceremonies. He has to wait backstage and be responsible for giving awards at that time.

The whole game went well.

Shao Si sat down and listened drowsily.

The hostess held the microphone and said excitedly, “after the award, that’s all for today’s award ceremony -”

The male host stopped his partner with a smile and joked, “what, how did it end here? There’s still one of the most important awards left. Did you forget?”

“We haven’t announced this year’s film recording, but I haven’t done it yet.”

Shao Si couldn’t help it. He looked at the time and thought about the feasibility of taking out his mobile phone to play games without being found.

Li Guangzong noticed his little move and reached out to poke him: “be honest! Plug your cell phone back! Don’t think I don’t know what you’re going to do. No matter how boring you are, you have to listen. Listen to people’s acceptance of the award and learn more. How can they say that so beautifully. Think about what shit you said last year… What? I think you have a good eye. It’s good if people didn’t hit you.”

Shao Si: “…” I won’t let anyone tell the truth.

“Throughout last year, a large number of excellent films and actors emerged. No one can tell who the film emperor will spend.” The male host said generously, “everyone present, their efforts are obvious to all. Here we don’t speculate. Let’s invite Gu Yingdi to announce –”

Gu Yanzhou appeared in the applause.

He first said a few polite words, then opened the envelope handed to him by the jury, opened a black greeting card, and finely printed someone’s name on it with bronzing technology.

Everyone under the stage seems to be breathing less.

Shao Si: “I’ll play for a while. There are so many people. No one looks at me.”

Li Guangzong: “not for a second. You plug it back. Hurry up, or I’ll rob it.”

Gu Yanzhou sold it a few times, and then his voice suddenly softened.

The man’s voice was originally low, but his speech was a little cold and hard at ordinary times. Now it was so light that it seemed as if he was scratching with feathers in people’s ears. However, he curled his lips and smiled. He said, “daughter-in-law, take the award on the stage.”


The sound of “daughter-in-law” frightened them very much. In addition to being shocked, they couldn’t turn around. After the silence, everyone was blown into a pot.

The number of people watching webcast is up to hundreds of millions.

The audience was going crazy. They didn’t know what else to say except to make exclamation marks on the bullet screen.

As a party concerned, Shao Si also focused on “stealing and playing with mobile phones” one second ago. When he suddenly heard Gu Yanzhou’s words, he was stunned: “… Did I hear wrong?”

Li Guangzong opened his mouth and was frightened. It took him a while to react. He slapped Shao Si on the shoulder and burst into tears: “fuck! I heard you right! Don’t be stunned! It’s you! It’s still you this year!”

Gu Yanzhou put away the special for his ancestors. Tone, looked at the camera seriously and reported it again: “best actor, Shao Si. Shortlisted work” latent “, next please look at the big screen.”

The first scene on the screen is Shao Si sitting on a broken table, smoking a cigarette.

He slowly spit out the smoke from his mouth. The smoke seemed to follow the air and reflected into his eyes. It was gray.

Shao Si didn’t think he could win two consecutive terms.

He really has talent, but many people have gone harder than him. He is not the only one who has to win this award. In fact, he can only be said to be lucky to receive a good play and join a so responsible crew.

Shao Si got up on the stage and stood beside Gu Yanzhou. Everyone under the stage coaxed: “Oh, oh!”

This feeling, as if back to Gu Yanzhou’s reelection of several times of the emperor, all said that Feng Shui turns, but his mother goes to Gu Jia. How can we argue? We don’t have to do it.

The award was contracted again.

The two hosts couldn’t help joking: “it’s not that a family doesn’t enter a house.”

Gu Yanzhou asked, “are you happy?”

Shao Si said bluntly: “… How about you? Are you happy to call your daughter-in-law? You’ve lost your face.”

Gu Yanzhou: “I’m used to it. I can’t control it.”

They sprinkled dog food at the award ceremony.

The host shouted: “my God – you don’t have to have dinner when you go back in the evening. Here’s the movie emperor dog food to make you full.”

What they don’t know is that the main play is still ahead.

The next step is that Gu Yanzhou took the trophy from the etiquette lady and presented it to Shao Si.

However, Gu Yanzhou only said “reach out” to him, but did not get the trophy. Instead, he took out a small black box from his coat pocket and gently pushed it away with his finger. Inside, there stood a male ring.


Gu Yanzhou took out the male ring and put it on his hand: “it may be a little sudden. Keep other words and go home and say, take the ring first. I have to announce to you that you are my man.”

Shao Si looked at the right size ring on his ring finger and said, “Hey, I haven’t agreed yet.”

Gu Yanzhou: “you just acquiesced.”

Shao Si rubbed the ring with his finger belly and said to himself, how can there be such a shameless person.

Is he too lazy to pick it.

Now the audience likes to watch the webcast. Few people are in front of the TV. They can also brush the bullet screen to communicate with everyone. Now the bullet screen is painted like crazy.

——Propose to me????? Ah, ah, ah, ah!

——They weren’t married? In my impression, it’s already settled. It turns out that I’ve been driving without a license.

——Fuck, I may be dreaming

Gu Yanzhou looks calm on the surface. In fact, he is almost nervous. He is not sure what Shao Si thinks.

Seeing Shao Sisong open his hand and still didn’t take off the ring, he was half relieved.

“Think about it?” Shao Si suddenly stretched out a finger to provoke Gu Yanzhou’s chin, and smiled at the corners of his mouth, “old rascal, will you supply me for the rest of my life?”


Of course.

exceedingly welcome.

The author has something to say: the end of the text.

Thank you for your company and tolerance for more than five months. I really appreciate it.

The text is even slower. Many places are not satisfactory. I’m sorry.

I’m still hesitant about personal records. You can pay attention to Weibo. There may be news == In fact, it’s me… Um… Because I didn’t meet my psychological expectations, I felt that I didn’t write well (in fact, I won’t be satisfied with anything written, which may be an incurable disease…)


Good bye, Ben.


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